Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Emane ali: The victim of Doctors Hospital, Lahore

Please visit website for more details of Emane ali death due to doctor criminal negligence. Its not the isolated incident and hundreds of patient die due to doctors negligence everyday in Pakistan.

Update: Doctors hospital challenged the Suo moto action by Lahore High Court. (11-01-2010)
Update : 2 doctors are arrested while Dr Sandeeep Kumar and Dr Faiza (administrator) are on the run.

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  1. We hate Doctors hospital .Its being so rediculous i wish that doctors hospital should be closed.We are so sad for that small little sweet girl.May Allah give patience to her Parents.

  2. hi. doctor hospital ko bnd kr dna chaye ,

  3. No use of closing just one hospital.
    Everyday same story is repeated in every next hospital. Again change required in law and some one strong enough to implement law.
    Don't get trapped in incidents.

    However, Doctor's Hospital was always known for ruthlessness and hospital
    of rich

  4. kaya doctoirs hospital wale khuda hein? maut to ghar par bhee ho saktee hei. to kaya manbap ko dosh diya jae ga. koi bhee hospital ya doctor kisi mareez ko marna naheen chahta. Gahlatee to man bap se bhee ho saktee hei. kaya aik fard kee ghalatee se poore hospital ko mujram qarar diya ja sakta hei?
    bachee kee maut to khuda ke ilm mein thee keh muqaddar hei woh to dunya ke kisi behtarenn hospital mein bhee aa saktee hei.yeh waldein yaad rakhen keh jitna inhon ne wavela kiaya hei aur hospital ko khuda bana liya he us ke baad ab aisa ho ga keh in ke hathon mein bhee in ka koi bacha mar sakta hei phir yeh kis ko dosh den ge??????????
    KHUDA KA Khana jin logon ke dil m ein khalee hota hei woh yahee kiya katrte hein

  5. it is strongly suggested that these doctors together with their additional foreign qualifications are reported to the American Board for malpractice, their licence is revoked and they are held accountable for their actions-they really need to be prosecuted. If their qualifications are from the UK then the General Medical Council UK needs to be urgently contacted to alert them of these doctors so that their fitness to practice is under review. Further to this, the Home Office both in the UK and US need to be alerted on these doctors. The Government inquiry has revealed the following shocking news that has led to the demise of this little girl:
    . There is no doubt as to massive criminal negligence/handling in the above case due to the following reasons:

    a) The use of Intra Venus Dormicum 2.5 milligram was not required at all for such small burn.

    b) Injection Pavulon is used for induction of Anaesthesia for those patients who are to be put on Ventilators during operations; it was criminal to use it in case of a 3 years kid suffering from simple burn. In fact this drug is used for relaxation of respiratory muscles; hence administration of this drug was not at all justified.

  6. i and my whole family got very sad when we know the doctors of doc hospitals killed very inocent girl.this is realy a hateful incident.i ***************************************{comment edited due to provocative statements}.

  7. What happened to that innocent girl was wrong. She is the real victim. She and truth, due process, innocent until proven guilty etc etc. These accidents happen in every health system. The thing to do is to not to lynch those immediately responsible but look at the failures in the system, to prevent this from happening again. Had it happened in UK (and accidents like this HAVE and DO happen here in UK) these doctors would have been suspended, interviewed and released on police bail, awaiting their hearings at the GMC. If the GMC had found them guilty, only then the case would have proceeded to court. Otherwise the parents would have been free to persue the individuals through a civil suite.
    But, by all means close down all the private hospitals in lahore or better still, in Pakistan. From what I remember of Mayo Hospital, I don't think shutting the private hospitals down is viable option. Also remember, the court has yet to hear any arguments in the case!

  8. hum ko na sirf es waqe k bare main balke tamaam pakistan ki corpetion k bare main ekdamaat uthane honge wo pakistan jo hamare bazurgon ne apni jaane de kar hasil kia kion k ye hamara haq tha es liye hamin chahye k ab jab hum se hamara haq hamare hukmaran cheenana chahte hain sun lain hum chup nahin bathin ge bohat ho gia tamasha ab har masoom jan k jaane ka jwaab dena hoga hamare sayasat daan ko k hamari dolat se he hamin khareed kar bathe hain sun lin jo dena jaante hain wo lena bhi jante hain pakistan main har din sanro jane jaati hain are udhar bomb dhamaka ho raha hota hi edhar en k dore ho rahe hote hain lagta to esa hi jese en mot par yaqeen nahi ye jo chain karen jo kanoon banain lakin upar ensaaf karne wala betha hi jis ki lathi be awaas hi awaam ne en 10 saalon main bohat kuch khoya hi hum logon ki jaanen to wapis nahin aa sakti lakin hum es pakistan ko bahane k liye corpation ka muqabla kar sakte hain hum ye baat mante hain k upar wala saara amla corapt hi lakin agar chote se chota gov servent bhi emaan se kaam kare to hamin hamara khushaal pakistan wapis mil sakta hi khuda hamaare hukmaraanon ka hidayat de

  9. On checking some facts it transpires that Dr. Kumar who injected the fatal doze was an employee of the Government owned children's hospital. He was doing a locum at the said hospital during a holiday period. How come that with all its resources the Govt of Punjab cannot locate one of its own employees. As for the Doctors hospital, many members of my family have over the years been treated and the care has been exemplary. It is far better than the care received in the NHS hospitals in England where everyday this last week one or the other hospitals has come under fire- the latest being St Albans Trust and the world famous Great Ormand Street children's hospital. Regretably as the incident may be, death is a common fate of every living being since immortality is not an option. I note that just in Lahore some 48 innocent people were killed in a suicide attack and these are arising every day. If you shut down the hospitals who would treat the victims of the terrorists. The father of this unfortunate girl. Better still why not shut down the whole State of Pakistan.

  10. I just can not see all the comments which are just written from the heart and not brain. i know most of the doctors. i know how much work they have put into the hospital. i have also heard them talking but never any body to make any money out of this project. they have sacrificed so much financially and also there family life.I do not in anyway want minimise the loss of these parents.I am also surprised at the comments mr. Wasim is making about indian doctors showing him so much compassion.I am pretty sure he got the best care in Pakistan.He does not know if the motive of these doctors was to make money they could just stay in usa.I am reading these comments from people who have no idea what they are talking. do they think govt can just revoke somebody license without proper inquiry and without any in put of expert medical opinion.I can go on and on. Just think about hundreds of people who benefitted from the care provided in doctors hospital.You can imagine care being provided in other especially govt.I am for imrovement in health care in Pakistan. All these doctors went to medical schools not thinking to make money. they went there to to fellow human beings. They will be very happy to see change in our system .Govt should learn to get help from people who can deliver. Chief minister should stop playing poltics.There is time you play poltics but not with human lives.I will request parents of this young girl and Wasim Akram think not for revenge . they are in unique position to make a differance .You should know that health care such an important issue. the debate is going on in usa congress right now.There are 40 to 50 million americans have no health insurance.We will not be able to have care like usa or europe in near future.We should try to improve it and keep working on it.good luck.

  11. voice of common publicDecember 16, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    Unlike government hospital, this was a PRIVATE HOSPITAL, whose main motivation is to make loads of monies by exploiting the people. People who can afford it go there with the knowledge there loved ones will be treated in the best hands of these so called 'internationally acclaimed pak-american doctors'. What a load of rubbish! No consultant which they talk about in their website sees the 'common man' on initial admission-these people are been seen by junior doctors/nurses with minimal experience-what happened to this family just highlights that no matter how much money you are willing to spend on healthcare, there is no guarantee you are in safe hands. And know not all doctors are sensitive, empathic, patience and establish a good rapport with patients-there are those who just can't be bothered, harbour no conscience and have made their profession into a 'business' abusing their status and power to grab monies from the layman. Just hope there is a regulatory body in place to check on them, health comissioners to keep an eye on them-and that these two (regulatory bodies and health comissioners) are not 'bought' or 'influenced' at any cost.
    And referring to the above post-it has been proved that this 'doctors hospital' was found negligent in the case of this little girl and hence justice needs to be done.

  12. Really, you cannot compare the NHS at any level with this PRIVATE HOSPITAL -Doctors hospital in pakistan. Remember NHS care caters to all members of the public and is FREE. Doctors are regulated strictly by the General Medical Council and NO ONE IN THE UK IS ABOVE THE LAW. Each and every individual is held accountable and if cautioned or found criminally negligent, their fitness to practise is investigated. Doctors in the UK if they abuse their position at any level are reported to the GMC immediately who takes action as per their Guidelines on Good medical practise. They cannot use political connections or offer bribes to 'be let off'. This is so visible in our nation, that too openly. They do not use evidence based practise in this country, no proper documentation is ever maintained, there are NO ETHICS practised here-so really before comparing this hospital to the NHS think a million times or why not read Doctors concerns and making complains/ Ethics on the General Medical Council website!

  13. There are a few issues here.
    1. Government hospitals cannot treat patients at a standard compared to the UK or USA.
    2. Politicians like Shahbaz Sharif regularily goes to UK to have his back checked. Benazir went to UK to have her ear infection treated, dental treatment and even for the birth of their children. If politicians dont want to have treatment in Pakistan, ( because they dont invest in Pak medical infrastructure), then they have no right to criticize and pass judgements on the doctors providing service.
    3. Doctors hospital is a money making concern. "Its a business". and it does not do it for the sake of ailing humanity. They just sell their expertise to the highest bidder. The unfortunate thing is that ths standard of the "highest expertise" is pretty low.
    4. The doctors hospital should be brought to account for this whole incident.They should be prosecuted and a case should be filed as per law. Perhaps they should be fined 10- 20 crore rupees but closing down the hospital appears to be a knee jerk reaction and perhaps excessive.
    5. The PMDC should have opened up an investigation and should be authority to apportion blame. Is the doctor Suresh Kumar registered with PMDC.Is his degree recognised by the WHO. If he qualified from China ( if rumours are to be believed), then did he sit and pass a qualifying exam ( like PLAB or USMLE type exam ) ?
    6. The people of Pakistan should realise that when a patient dies .......... everything is not the doctors fault. I have heard people blaming and cursing the doctors even when the patient had terminal disease. My own relatives have blamed doctors for " not giving the right injection", not doing the correct operation when nothing could have been done.
    7. The people of Pakistan should realise that the state of medical care is dire. If new hospitals are not built and doctors not trained to a high standard , these things will happen again. The issues in this respect are proper training and good respectable pay.

  14. Like Doctor's Hospital we have the same worst experience of HAJRA MEDICAL COMPLEX,2B1 Punjab Govt Employee Co op Housing Society College Road Lahore,where my daughter died due to negligence/incompetence of DR ALI AZWAR CHAUDHRY.My daughter herself drove to the hospital to get medical aid,where she was given an injection and she went into comma,she was then immediately dropped in Jinnah Hospital where she was declared dead.All this happened in one hour.We are so helpless,wish there is some authority who should hold these killer hospitals responsible for killing people.I appeal the CHIEF JUSTICE of Pakistan to take notice of such killer hospitals.