Thursday, December 10, 2009

Huma wasim case inquiry recommedations

Inquiry committee has recommended to PMDC for the cancellation of practice licenses of 17 doctors of National Hospital, Lahore over the negligence of medical treatment of Huma Wasim (wife of Wasim Akram).

Update: PMDC has recommended to suspend the licenses of 19 doctors until the completion of inquiry against them.

Below is the location map of National Hospital, Lahore.

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  1. I am confused because Waseem told Associated Press that his mrs was fine on the day she left that hospital. It is strange that she became critical during flight. May be the committe should order the records of the air ambulance as well as the Indian Hospital. Also she has not had a post mortem. Therefore the cause of death has not been ascertained. Without a cause of death, how can we say who killed the poor lady. All of these 19, some of them, docs in the air ambulance or the indians?? She should be exhumed and her remains should be sent abroad for examination. That way the real culprits can be caught.